• What is jam?

What is jam?

Jam consists of four basic ingredients; fruit, sugar, thickening agent, and an acidity regulator.  Through a gentle and careful production process, the different ingredients are boiled in an optimal ratio in a vacuum kettle. In this way our Hero jam preserves its fresh fruit taste and optimal texture. 



1. Fruit

At Hero, we select only the very best fruit, with the most delicious flavor. We therefore work closely with only trusted farmers in Europe.


2. Sugar

Sugar is a key ingredient in the preparation of jam. It ensures a deliciously sweet taste, the right consistency as well as preserves the colour and aroma of our jams.  

3. Pectin, ensuring the perfect consistency

Pectin is an indispensable ingredient. It ensures proper firmness, thickness and spreadability of the jam.


4. Citric acid

Acidity regulator is added to bring more balance to the sweet / sour taste ratio. In addition, an acidity regulator allows for the optimal functioning of the pectin gelling agent. Citric acid is found primarily in citrus fruits.

What is jam?