Chestnut Puree 900g

Chestnut Puree 900g

For your sweet treats

Carefully selected chestnuts for your cake, dessert & crèmes creations.

  • Swiss premium quality
  • 900g
  • Gluten free

Additional Information

Hero Premium Chestnut Puree is made from natural whole chestnuts that have been delicately peeled, ground, cooked, and lightly sweetened with natural sugar. Prepared without preservatives or artificial sweeteners, our chestnut puree has a smooth, almost creamy texture, and a balanced sweet and nutty flavor. It’s perfect for traditional chestnut vermicelli or other desserts. It can be eaten by the spoonful straight from the container, or added to an endless assortment of traditional or original creations.


  • Great taste
  • Ready to use
  • Can be stored without refrigeration when unopened
  • No preservatives or artificial sweeteners

Product Information