Chestnut-Quark Tartlet

Cook time: 45 min. cook time
20 min. preparation time

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  • see details and ingredients in recipe preparation
  • 3000 g crumbly almond cake base
  • see details and ingredients in recipe preparation
  • 3800 g quark-mascarpone filling
  • see details and ingredients in recipe preparation
  • 1440 g chestnut bavarois
  • for garnish
  • 960 g Hero Chestnut Puree



Fill 250 g crumble dough each in buttered rings (18 cm Ø.3 cm high) and spread so that the edge is also covered. Fill each ring with 300 g quark-mascarpone mix and bake. Baking temperature 170 °C
Put 1 frozen slice of chestnut bavarois (12 cm Ø) each on top after cooling and pipe 80 g chestnut puree on top, garnish at discretion.

For the Almond Crumble Base:

660 g butter
720 g sugar
900 g wheat flour 400
720 g almonds ground, white
12 g salt iodized

Mix all ingredients only lightly to create a crumbly structure.

For the Quark-Mascarpone Filling:
1560 g skim quark
390 g mascarpone
390 g butter, very soft
40 g vanilla sugar
40 g lemon zest, fresh (or orange zest)
15 g salt iodized
mix together
200 g egg yolk
400 g egg white fresh
340 g sugar
whisk until stiff
200 g wheat flour 400
105 g vanilla cream powder
10 g juice binder
mix together and fold into the above
120 g sultanas or candied orange peel fold in.

For the Chestnut Bavarois:

150 g sugar
150 g egg yolk
210 g milk
210 g cream
270 g Hero chestnut puree
10 g gelatine powder
52 g water
450 g cream, softly whipped

Stir sugar and egg yolk until smooth, heat milk and cream, add and heat everything
again at 82°C. Fold in chestnut puree and let cool at refrigerator temperature. Allow gelatine to swell in water for 10 minutes, dissolve in the bain marie (45 °C), mix with the chestnut bavarois and fold in softly whipped cream. Fill 120 g each in silicone mats (12 cm Ø) and freeze.